Smart Media Production

The scope of the Strategic Programme (SP) covers Radio, TV and other media services. It comprises the evolution of production systems and the underlying media formats. The work is divided in the following areas:

Project groups

Collaborative developments

  • AI Benchmarking
    Open source software to allow for a more objective performance comparison of AI facial recognition, speech-to-text, and Generative AI systems.
  • LynX
    A tool for the detection of fake news as well as other applications such as author identification.
  • MCMA
    A cloud-agnostic microservice framework for media and works towards the standardization of key aspects to facilitate the creation of bespoke workflows by users.

Related initiatives


The goals for this Strategic Programme are defined in the EBU Technical Commmitee (TC) Strategy Roadmap (June 2023 - June 2025) and can be summarized as follows:

  • Assist Members in developing and using efficient production workflows.
  • Ensure and improve the end-user Quality of Experience.
    • Provide a common Quality Control language and a database of QC terms, templates and initiate a developers' area.
  • Track the evolution of media creation technologies and the production ecosystem
  • Enable Members to make the right investment and transformation decisions for their:
    • transition toward UHDTV, including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and live production workflows
    • transition to Personalized Sound Experiences, including ADM-based tools development and
    • implementation of flexible and adaptable production workflows for audio, video, data and AI
  • Provide guidance, best practices and hands-on workshops for Members on:
  • Investigate the benefits for Members regarding:
    • multi-cloud environments and microservice frameworks for media
    • the evolution and impact of Metaverse/Multiverse technologies, NFTs, and Web3
    • object-based media, including for accessibility
  • Trend-scout and perform studies to build Member knowledge regarding:
    • developments in volumetric production and spatial media
    • improved accessibility through ‘Seeing, Hearing, Participating and Understanding’ personalized services, including. a focus on moving from linear to non-linear services
    • sustainability matters, including policies and organizational strategies, but in particular the impact of production and technology choices
  • Trend-scout, create and share knowledge on the topics of data, AI/ML, and computing architectures
  • Leverage AI to support all aspects of content production, including the areas of:
    • fake news detection, including relevant product development
    • serverless cloud workflows
    • generative AI in media production (in liaison with other groups)
  • Development of:
    • An AI benchmarking framework for facial recognition
    • EBU metadata standards: EBU Core, EBU CCDM
    • cloud-hosted metadata exchange platform for archives