HDR Downmapping

Advises Members on all aspects of video images, quality and workflows.

This group was created following the EBU HDR Workshop at SWR in May 2022, to help optimize the use of HDR to SDR downmappers in live TV production.

hdrdm.jpg (Bright colored LED smd wall with corner)

Currently the following deliverables are planned (green indicates the deliverable has already been delivered). Note that deliverables are dependent on enough participation in the work, and that the planning is subject to change.


  • status_med_12px.png HDR Downmapping documentation (Q2 2023)
  • status_med_12px.png HDR Static Transform (between the two main downmappers) (Q2 2023)
  • status_med_12px.png HDR Downmapping harmonization

For more information on UHDTV, see this UHDTV page. Also check out this specific HDR page.

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