NLE User Group

A place for EBU Members to share Non-Linear Editing (NLE) system experiences

Integrating, using and managing NLE software can be complex due to ever-changing production tools and formats.


For Members by Members

This EBU user group helps EBU Members' staff to find solutions for common problems and to learn tips & tricks from colleagues abroad. Any (technical) question is welcome in this group! Examples include sharing best practices on network connectivity, storage integration or HDR workflows.

Where problems are encountered repeatedly the EBU, as in the past, may set up specific activites to address these, e.g. via training, vendor dialogue or standardization efforts in the EBU Strategic Programmes on Production Infrastructures and Media Security.

How to join

This group uses (since early May 2020) Slack as the main tool to exchange information. See the 'NLE Systems' channel on the EBU T&I Slack (join here). You can also follow this link to be added to the NLE mailing list. We have an NLE issues tracker, for those who prefer using that.