EOTF Chart for Calibration and Monitoring

EBU Tech 3374

The EBU Tech 3374 calibration chart is designed to rapidly validate some of the most common issues encountered when setting up an HDR monitoring system.

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This pattern allows users to:

  • Validate that the monitoring system (from the input port to the displayed light) covers the specified dynamic range.
  • Have a single solution to visually check all transfer functions independent of which EOTF (e.g. HLG, PQ, SLog3, etc…) and bit depth are used.
  • Validate that all EOTFs deliver the same white point on the system.
  • Troubleshoot the monitoring system for setup errors.

Note: This chart is NOT intended to accurately measure a display’s Dynamic Range. It is intended as a visual check that code values (CV) are output as intended. Please see § 3 for appropriate usage.

More resources

  • A TIFF implementation of this pattern is available here.
  • A ProRes implementation of this pattern can be found here.
  • This tutorial video explains the use of EBU Tech 3374.