Advice on avoiding 'image retention' on displays

EBU R 129

This publication provides advice to reduce the risk of persistent 'image retention' (so-called image burn-in) on production monitors (and by extension CE) displays.

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This revised, November 2018 version, takes into account new display technologies and HDR (HLG).


The following translations of this document are available. Please note the translations may not be based on the latest version; see the year mentioned in brackets. These translations are courtesy of the translaters and hosted by the EBU 'as is'. The official and definitive version is the EBU English version.

Russian version of EBU R 129 [v1.0, 2010] - Special thanks to EBU Member RTR.

All versions of this publication

Version  Date Description
2.0 November 2018 Revised version, taking into account HDR and new display technologies (e.g. OLED).
1.0 February 2010 First version