Colour Bars for use in the Production of Hybrid-Log Gamma (HDR) UHDTV

EBU Tech 3373

EBU Tech 3373 defines a test pattern for use in creating UHDTV video signals.

Open file (pdf, 1.2 MB)

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This pattern includes tests for:

  • UHDTV to HDTV conversion
  • Measuring luminance response
  • Visualizing saturation and hue shifts caused by monitoring equipment
  • Checking correct installation of SMPTE ST 425‑5:2019 (Quad 3G‑SDI 2 sample Interleaving) equipment
  • Checking near‑black performance

The test pattern can be used to:

  • Ensure correct settings are applied in hardware
  • Highlight errors in transmission chains
  • Ensure that transforms from ITU‑R BT.2100 HLG to ITU‑R BT.709 are correct

This pattern should NOT be used for setting the brightness control of a reference monitor.

More resources

Implementations of the EBU HDR colour bars in 1080p and 2160p are available here for download in TIFF and v210 (Quicktime).