Media Archives

Community of Practice

The Media Archives Community of Practice helps EBU Members optimize the use of their archives. It was started initially to cover Radio Archives, but now covers all forms of media. This community is run by EBU Technology & Innovation in close collaboration with the the  EBU Academy and the EBU Media Department. It is part of the EBU Strategic Programme on Production.

Based on a survey among EBU Members held in April 2020, this community is now focussed on the following main activities:

1. The exchange of experiences around archives

Anybody working for an EBU Member can join this community and start sharing experiences/questions/suggestions with peers. Make sure to join here. You will be added to a dedicated e-mail reflector and have access to the workspace. There also is a Slack channel on 'media_archives' (and other topics that may interest you).

2. EBU (co-)produced trainings/events on Archives

  • 08 July 2020 we held an EBU Members roundtable on "Workflows for making archives accessible".
  • 08 July 2020 EBU Academy organized an EBU Members Training about the use of Archives for Social Media.
  • 29 July 2020 we held an EBU Members roundtable on how to deal with different Aspect Ratios (including for archiving).
  • 19-21 January 2021 the EBU e-Masterclass on Making Creative Use of Archives was held.
  • 3-4 and 7-9 June the FRAME Access Training (INA, FIAT/IFTA EBU) took place.
  • Nov 2021 FRAME Tech Training:

    For the 12th consecutive year, FRAME Tech will enable participants to improve their essential technical knowledge of audiovisual archives while addressing the most recent challenges. The course targets professionals working for the preservation, management and access to audiovisual archives.

    Some of the issues FRAME Tech will tackle this year are:
    - How to take into account the new uses and the increasing number of audiovisual file formats from a technical standpoint?
    - What are the challenges for quality control in a context of massive digitisation and native digital production?
    - How to store and manage an ever-growing volume of data?
    - How can Open Source tools contribute to the sustainability of audiovisual collections?
    - What's new in image and sound digitisation and restoration?

    To apply and for more information click here.
    Deadline for application: 8th October (27 September if in need of a scholarship)

3. (AI-based) software tools to open up access to Archives

We are investigating available tools and identifying detailed Members' needs in the area of annotation, indexing and improving access to archives. If you have ideas/questions about this, please contact: Alexandre Rouxel (EBU)

4. Help to open up archives to the general public

Additional help for EBU Members to overcome rights/legal issues for wider use of their archives is being considered.


  • status_med_12px.png Frame Tech training (Q4 2021)