Augmented Reality - A first guide for broadcasters


In 2017, Augmented Reality gained momentum due to the release of Software Development Kits and Computer Graphics productions from big players, such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Snapchat. This guide provides an introduction to the latest AR developments.

Open file (pdf, 1.3 MB)

AR on handheld devices was mostly seen as a 'toy' for geeks until Pokemon Go became a viral phenomenon in 2016 with more than 100 million downloads in a few weeks.

This guide focuses on AR intended as a means of blending computer graphic objects and information with the real world to provide users equipped with a hand-held device (e.g., smartphone, tablet) or head-mounted display (e.g. glasses) with an interactive experience.

The EBU example code referenced from this document is available at: (EBU Members only).