Video Evaluation

Subjective & objective evaluations of video processing

Group that addresses subjective & objective evaluations of production codecs, gathers test sequences, investigates AI-empowered algorithms and tests SD -> HD / HD -> UHD upsampling.

video_evaluation.jpg (Colored purple and yellow LED smd screen)

Currently the following deliverables are planned (green indicates the deliverable has already been delivered). Note that deliverables are dependent on enough participation in the work and that the planning is subject to change. New deliverables are added regularly.


  • status_med_12px.png Development of Codecs Testing Management software (Q4 2022-Q2 2023)
  • status_med_12px.png Real-time, Mezzanine Codecs Tests (Q1-Q2 2023)
  • status_med_12px.png Production Codecs implementation tests (Q1-Q2 2023)
  • status_low_12px.png Report on objective video quality metrics (Q2 2023)
  • status_med_12px.png New video test sets creation (Q2 2023)
  • status_med_12px.png EBU Production Codecs tests report Apple (Q3 2023)
  • status_low_12px.png Upressing algorithms benchmarking (Q4 2023)

Related work

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