(U)HDTV HDR BT.2100 HLG Colour Bars (QT v210)

Quicktime-wrapped BT.2100 HLG v210 representations of the EBU Tech 3373 specification (in both a 1080 and a 2160 raster). This version 2.0 includes colour metadata.

The Quicktime files provided here are BT.2100 HLG v210 implementations of the EBU Tech 3373 Colour Bars specification.

These files include subblack and superwhite information and are well-suited for use with e.g. video editing software.


Please verify that your software imports these files correctly!

As some systems may not correctly handle colour metadata in the file, since 03 July 2020 we are providing two versions of the files: version 2.0 (linked above) includes colour metadata. You can find both versions in the history below.

If you experience specific problems, please let us know via hdr@ebu.ch

All versions of this publication

Version   Date   Short description
2.0   2020, July 03    Colour metadata tagged
1.0   2020, May 18   First version (no colour metadata)