Evaluation of IMF for broadcasters

Tech Report 040

This report provides the conclusions of work performed in the EBU IMF-TV group with regard to the relevance of the Interoperable Master Format for broadcasters. It includes a basic introduction to IMF.

Open file (pdf, 1.7 MB)

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The analysis carried out by IMF‑TV Group confirmed that although IMF offers attractive features for modernising content workflows, its actual day‑to‑day use is currently limited to a few, but highly influential parties (OTT providers, Movie Studios, and a few large broadcasters). Currently IMF is not on the radar of most EBU members. However, the IMF‑TV Group believes IMF workflows will become more and more attractive to an increasing number of EBU members in the coming years.

This work is part of the EBU Strategic Programme on Video Systems.