EBU HLG Colour Bars

In this webinar, Simon Thompson (BBC R&D) presented the design and use of the EBU UHDTV HLG Colour Bars.

The EBU HLG Colour Bars (EBU Tech 3373) are designed to help ensure production equipment is correctly configured when producing in HLG. The colour bars can identify HDR to SDR conversion problems, monitor limitations, undesired signal clipping and even disconnected or swapped SDI cables.

Simon Thompson and his colleagues at BBC R&D stood at the basis of the design of the new Colour Bars. The large amount of practical experience gained during live HDR productions helped him pinpoint the typical things that can go wrong in practice. These were subsequently used in the design of the Colour Bars pattern. In this webinar, Simon shared the thinking behind the new measurement signal and how to exploit it to the fullest.


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