High Dynamic Range

The EBU helps its Members use High Dynamic Range (HDR) to provide stunning images. This forms part of the work performed in the HDR Implementation Task Force, the HDR Downmapping group, and the Video Systems group.

2024 updates

- See the presentation from FranceTV on the production innovations the broadcaster is rolling out for the Olympics 2024.
- EBU Members can join the special '2024 Sports in HDR' calls organized by the EBU HDR Task Force to help make sure they cover key events in HDR optimally.
- In this (public) video Thomas Berglund (NRK) demystifies video levels and how to check them.
- Learn more about NRK's HDR journey in this (public) presentation given by Odd Erling Høgbert (NRK).
- An overview of the 2024 line-up of monitors available form a series of vendors is available in the following presentations: Canon, Flanders Scientific, SonoVTS, Sony, SWIT
- In March 2024 we organized an HDR monitors testing session at BBC R&D; the results will be published later.

HDR Workshop 2022

- In May 2022 a hands-on Workshop dedicated to HDR workflows was held at EBU Member SWR.
- This event was preceded by a number online HDR webinars in which we look at current HDR production workflows of NBC Universal, BT Sport, HBS, the BBC, and Sky UK. See the events list for more details.
- After the worksho, we organized a series of calls to help Members prepare for handling the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in HDR.

HDR guidance

Key publications

EBU BPN 114 provides EBU Members with an introduction to HDR.
EBU BPN 120 gives a feeling for what EBU Members are planning for the 2020-2025 time period
EBU BPN 125 analyses the support for HDR in Blackmagic Resolve
EBU BPN 128 UHDTV Survey - 2022 update
EBU R 103 explains the difference between 'narrow' and 'full' range video and provides test material to check your set-up
EBU R 153 (Live) and EBU R 154 (files) provide technical parameters for the exchange of UHD / HDR programmes
EBU Tech Report 038 contains the results of subjective tests, which show HLG10 and PQ10 can provide equivalent HDR quality
EBU Tech Report 047 provides an overview of the quality of professional HDR monitors and how to measure them.
EBU Tech Report 070 summarizes the FAQ and answers as gathered during the HDR Workshop 2022.
EBU Tech Report 078 provides the results of Dynamic HDR converters testing and provides advice on what to test yourself
EBU Tech 3320 specifies the characteristics of Grade 1,2 and 3 professional monitors. It includes HDR since version 4.0.
EBU Tech 3325 v2.0 explains how to measure HDR (and SDR) monitors
EBU Tech 3373 specifies UHDTV HDR (HLG) Colour Bars for use in operation and comes with example images (1080 and 2160 rasters) in 16-bit TIFF and v210 (Quicktime) for use in equipment.
EBU Tech 3374 specifies a handy EOTF Test Chart to visually check your set-up; a TIFF implementation is available here.
EBU Tech 3376 provides baseline HDR Camera Painting Controls values to help match cameras in HDR productions
EBU BPN 121, EBU BPN 122 and EBU BPN 123 provide the results of the video quality analysis (test plan here) of popular studio codecs from Avid, Panasonic and Sony (Apple expected next).

Live HDR Workshop

The EBU organized a hands-on workshop for its Members at NRK (18-20 Nov 2019) to understand live HDR production aspects. See the HDR Live Production Workshop page for more details, including recordings of the key presentations and their slides.

More video recordings

- This (public) webinar by Pierre Routhier (CBC/Radio-Canada) helps you use HDR correctly in Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder.
- Simon Thompson (BBC R&D) gave a Webinar on the EBU UHDTV HLG Colour bars. You can find the (public) recording here.
- Also see the presentation on dynamic conversion at EBU PTS 2020.

The following presentations by Andrew Cotton (BBC R&D) provide a wealth of information on HDR (latest at the top):

- HDR Live Production - lessons from the field
- Video Fundamentals HDR & SDR
- HDR TV Production
- UHDTV: Live HDR production best practices <- publicly available.
- HDR from theory to practical implementation
- Building a UHD HDR (incl. WCG) Ecosystem

If you are confused about colour spaces, you are not alone. Birgit Schmidt (IRT) shares her questions and answers in The Colour Confusion.

In How can Dynamic Conversion help to improve live HDR? Lucien Lenzen (Rheinmain University of Applied Schiences) explains how dynamic conversion can help improve HDR and SDR image quality.

You may also be interested in this webinar where Dagmar Driesnack (IRT) and Virginie Drugeon (Panasonic) discuss UHD/HDR distribution aspects.

The "How to migrate from HD to UHD" panel led by Andy Quested (BBC) during the EBU Production Technology Seminar 2019 touches on HDR in terms of broadcasters' production and distribution strategies.

In terms of Members' experiences, see the presentation Daniel Marini (RAI) gave at the EBU Technology Production Seminar 2018 about creating stunning promos in HDR.


If you have any questions on HDR or related topics, check out the Video Systems group for more details. You can also contact us by e-mail.

Exchange of XAVC test files

EBU Members are sharing UHD HDR material to validate the metadata generated by various production tools. EBU Members have access by joining the Video Systems group.

HDR test material

Test sequences recorded during the EBU HDR Workshop 2022 are available here (you will need to log-in first).

At the European Athletics Championships 2018, EBU Members and technical partners trialled UHD HDR HFR with NGA in a live setting. Test sequences of this event are available for technical tests. Conditions and more information you can find on the Test Sequences page.

Selected sequences of the RTS Montreux Jazz Festival 2017 project are available to EBU Members. If you are an EBU Member interested to receive a copy, please send us an e-mail.

How was the Montreux Jazz UHD HDR material created?

Watch the making-of video to understand how the material was created and what kind of learnings RTS obtained from the project. EBU Members may also want to watch the presentation given by Derya Aydemir (SRG/SRR) at the EBU Production Technology Seminar 2018.

The inaugural European Championships in summer 2018 provided a perfect opportunity to test several emerging technologies. This issue of tech-i looks at what was done in terms of both production and distribution, covering advanced video and audio formats and potential 5G approaches.

The advent of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) video naturally leads to consideration of what constitutes a good monitor for use with such signals.