High Dynamic Range

The EBU helps its Members use High Dynamic Range (HDR) to provide stunning images. This forms part of the work performed in the EBU Strategic Programme on Video Systems.

HDR guidance

The EBU has published EBU BPN 114 to provide Members with an introduction to HDR.

Also see the recording of  the "Building a UHD HDR (incl. WCG) Ecosystem" presentation given by the BBC at the EBU Production Technology Seminar 2018.

Further you may be interested in this webinar which discusses UHD/HDR distribution aspects.

Members' experiences

EBU Members are gathering experience with HDR for various types of productions. See for example the presentation Daniel Marini (RAI) gave at the EBU Technology Production Seminar 2018 about creating stunning promos in HDR.


If you have any questions on HDR or related topics, check out the Video Systems group for more details. You can also contact us by e-mail.

Exchange of XAVC test files

EBU Members are sharing UHD HDR material to validate the metadata generated by various production tools. EBU Members have access by joining the Video Systems group.

HDR test material

At the European Athletics Championchips 2018, EBU Members and technical partners trialled UHD HDR HFR with NGA in a live setting. Test sequences of this event will be made available for technical tests. Conditions and more information will follow soon after IBC 2018. Please send us an e-mail if you want to be put on the interest list.

Selected sequences of the RTS Montreux Jazz Festival 2017 project are available to EBU Members. If you are an EBU Member interested to receive a copy, please send us an e-mail.

How was the Montreux Jazz UHD HDR material created?

Watch the making-of video to understand how the material was created and what kind of learnings RTS obtained from the project. EBU Members may also want to watch the presentation given by Derya Aydemir (SRG/SRR) at the EBU Production Technology Seminar 2018.

The EBU has updated EBU Tech 3320 to include requirements for UHD, HDR and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG). The Grade 1 monitor specification has been split into 1A and 1B. This reflects the current capabilities of monitors to display HDR and WCG images. There are now four monitor grades: 1A, 1B, 2 and 3.

Monitors testing

The EBU Videos Systems group organized an HDR monitors testing event in Q2 2018, hosted by EBU Member RTS. The result will be summarized in a report (2018) and used to update EBU Tech 3325 and to create new test patterns.

EBU launches NLE user group