High Dynamic Range (HDR) in NLE Systems - Davinci Resolve


This report provides details on the implementation of HDR and SDR< >HDR conversions in the Davinci Resolve software.

Open file (pdf, 4.8 MB)

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The Resolve built-in Colour Management System (CMS) functions, and SDR and HDR conversions have been investigated with external Look Up Tables (LUTs), specifically designed test patterns and motion picture recordings.


This report was created to help users set up correct workflows. It also explains frequently used terms. This work has been guided by EBU Members and broadcast networks who have provided input on specific challenges and HDR production issues they have encountered. Note: the COVID-19 crisis has led to limited testing opportunities. Feedback is welcome via: tech@ebu.ch.

Also see the related test package.

Special credits to Florian Friedrich (FF Pictures).