Augmented Reality

Note: This group has concluded its work and is closed.

The EBU studies and analyses emerging immersive video systems, including Augmented Reality (AR). Of special interest are implications for broadcasters' workflows and technology roadmaps. This work is part of the EBU Strategic Programme on Video Systems.

EBU Publications on AR

A report on the state of AR is available for EBU Members as EBU BPN 115 - Augmented Reality - A first guide for broadcasters

A review of software for the creation of CG-based videos and AR/VR apps is available as TECH REVIEW 2018 - Review of software for the creation of CG-based videos and AR/VR apps


EBU Example projects on AR

EBU Members can access the following five repositories which contain Proof of Concept (PoC) AR applications. These apps were developped by the EBU Techology & Innovation team to illustrate current technical capabilities.

Note: if you are having troubles following the links, try to log in to first to make sure you have access. For any questions about the PoCs, drop an email to Sunna, Paola

Biathlon (Unity engine + Vuforia): a simple game, where the user has to shoot targets, not animals! 

Papertoapp (Unity engine + Vuforia): this project shows how a preselected marker (e.g. a logo printed in a magazine) can be replaced with a video

Dragon (Unity engine + Apple ARkit): a user can control a 3D animated dragon and participate in/watch dragon fights. This app also shows 2D video integration in a 3D world 

Teddybear-arstudio (Facebook AR Studio): A teddybear teases users to sing-a-long while recording a selfie-video 

Selfie-mask (Unity Engine + OpenCV plugins): An app that shows how facial masks, e.g. a flag, wrapped on a moving face