Newsroom Workflows

Task group

The EBU News sub-committee IDEAS and the EBU Technology and Innovation department have established this task group to facilitate an exchange of ideas and learnings between EBU Members around newsroom-related workflows.


This task group will focus on the following main themes:

  • sharing success stories on specific workflows (e.g. for graphics, remote production, metadata annotation, etc.)
  • tools (e.g. performances, usability tests etc.) integrated in the workflows
  • tools, products and services in ongoing or near-term tenders
  • issues and barriers (e.g. organizational, technical, editorial, manual operation due to lack of automation, cost, interoperability, etc.)
  • challenges ahead, looking into the future (1, 3 and 5 years from now)

Please join the group in order to participate. You will be added to a dedicated email reflector and get access to the workspace.