Media Cloud & Microservices

Helps Members to move to flexible microservice architectures in the cloud.



  • Disseminate micro services-based technology among EBU members;
  • Provide tools and libraries to facilitate the development and deployment of workflows for media applications;
  • Support EBU members in deloping workflows using MCMA technology.

MCMA is a project of the EBU Metadata & AI group, under the umbrella of the EBU's Strategic Programme on Production. This group builds on, and continues, the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS).


It's main goal is to develop a set of simplified REST APIs with minimum payload. These APIs allow integration of cloud and in-house based workflows, by combining microservices between (multiple) cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google) and in-house services.

Currently, the work is focussed on the Launch Control application; a user-friendly interface to help designing and monitoring microservices workflows.

Not limited to AI

So far the emphasis has been on Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled services, such as: speech-to-text, automatic subtitling, translation, text-to-speech, face recognition and identification, emotion detection, speech-to-text evaluation, FFMPEG media transformation. However, developers can easily duplicate and extend the code for other applications.


The MCMA cloud services provide an abstraction on top of provider-specific cloud services, providing cross-provider interoperability.  Using the libraries, components and instructions available on github, MCMA offers a turn-key solution ('implementation by example') for cloud infrastructure implementation, deployment and management.

MCMA has been successfully demonstrated at IBC and NAB events since 2017 and in a dedicated developer workshop in 2020.

Guidance and tools

IBC 2018 presentation

IBC2019 presentation

MCMA New-York 2020

MCMA Github repository

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