Sustainability for Public Service Media

Collaboration with Members to understand sustainability and how to implement it.

Research shows that televisions and associated devices are responsible for about 1.4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition, all the services used to gain audiences such as personalisation and use of AI, has a compounding effect.  As public service media organisations, we have a responsibility to improve the environmental performance of the broadcasting industry to make it more sustainable.






EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan

Every two years, the EBU develops a roadmap for technology and innovation activities based on the requirements and inputs given by EBU Members. The result of this roadmap is our bi-annual EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan. Strategic programmes and project groups are set up to focus on specific areas of interest. To access the latest Workplan, click here.

EBU Interdisciplinary Programme on Sustainability within PSM

  • Helps Members to understand how to use sustainability measurement and metrics to deliver business transformation thus aiding informed decision making.
  • Supports the use of case studies that take advantage of work done in other related industries, such as the ICT sector.
  • Produces guidelines on best practices in sustainability and develop a common methodology for measuring the carbon footprint of production.
  • Acts as a collective voice when liaising with other groups who seek to engage with the broadcasting industry on sustainability and environmental issues, such as the ITU and other stakeholders.

​Join us

If you are interested in Sustainability within PSM, join our group on this topic and participate in the discussions.  Some restrictions may apply. 

Meet us at IBC 2023!

The Sustainability Summit is an online event for all things broadcast sustainability. The full day programme provides insights in areas such as production and technology.

More info

The two projects that jointly won this year's EBU Technology & Innovation Award are featured in this issue of tech-i magazine, along with the three runners-up. The award was created in 2016 to recognize, encourage and support outstanding technical solutions developed by EBU Member organizations.

Buildings and the facilities they house make up a large part of a media organization's ecological footprint. This report provides an overview of what can be done, and what media organizations have done, to reduce their impact.

Among the many impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, the acceleration of solutions for remote cloud-based production is one of the most striking for media. In issue 45 of tech-i magazine, Antonio Arcidiacono outlines some of the new opportunities (page 3), and there is more...

Issue 44 of tech-i was the first to be published after the COVID-19 pandemic had spread throughout the world. While the full impact of the crisis would take some time to be felt, strategy leaders at EBU Members had already started to reflect on how it might effect public service media in the medium term (pages 10–11).