Media technologies in the Metaverse (MediaVerse)

Exploring use-cases for the MediaVerse – Web3, Metaverse and NFT technologies for public service media

Technologies such as Web3, Metaverse and NFT are likely to have an impact on the media ecosystem and media consumption patterns. The EBU Technical Committee has initiated this group to help EBU Members better understand, prepare for, and if relevant, shape, the technology. The group works under the Strategic Programme on Digital Media Production. It is open to employees of EBU Member organizations.

The group:

  • aims to bring together technology and creative skills
  • works closedly with the EBU Digital Committee, as well as external, globally acting organizations
  • will identify, and share, use-cases in public service media
  • deploy one or more proofs-of-concept to to help investagate and explain the relevant use-cases