EBU-TT stands for EBU Timed Text. It is an XML-based subtitling format intended as a follow-up to the currently widely used EBU STL format ( EBU Tech 3264). In 2012, version 1.0 of EBU-TT part 1 was published (EBU Tech 3350) . This specification defines an easy-to-use XML structure for the interchange and archiving of subtitles. It builds on the W3C Timed text Markup Language (TTML) 1.0 .


To help developers get started, an XML Schema implementation of EBU-TT part 1 is available too. Please note that the XML Schema is informative and cannot guarantee 100% conformance to the spec, so EBU Tech 3350 stays the normative reference. EBU-TT part 2 ( EBU Tech 3360 ) is a mapping guide on how to map EBU STL files to EBU-TT. It was published in June 2013 as a v0.9 for comments. The EBU has also developed a recommendation on the transport of subtitles inside and outside MXF files ( EBU R 133 ).



In January 2014 the EBU published EBU-TT-D ( EBU Tech 3380 ), the format for the distribution of subtitles over IP. There also is a document for the use of EBU-TT-D in ISO BMFF /  MPEG-DASH ( EBU Tech 3381 v0.9 ).


The EBU Subtitling Group ( MIM-XMLSubs ) is now focussed on a solution for the production/contribution of live subtitling.

EBU-TT-D is out

EBU-TT-D ( EBU Tech 3380) the subtitling format for the distribution of subtitles over IP has been published.

EBU Subtitles in XML Group

You can join the EBU Group on Subtitles in XML which is developing EBU-TT.