EBU-TT Part 1 - Subtitle format definition

EBU Tech 3350

This is the specification of an XML based archiving and interchange format for EBU-TT subtitles. Version 1.2 provides continued alignment with the related EBU-TT specs. Note that the EBU-TT mettadata has been moved to EBU-TT part M.

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Version 1.2 of EBU Tech 3350 (EBU‑TT Part 1) is the second update since the Version 1.0 publication in August 2012. The main requirements that have been resolved by this revision are:

  • Alignment with the EBU specifications Tech 3360, Tech 3370 and Tech 3390 (Part M).
  • Extraction of the EBU‑TT metadata elements and attributes which are now defined in EBU‑TT Part M.
  • Deprecation of tts:padding for tt:p and tt:span.
  • Relaxation of the extensibility options for custom attributes.
  • Relaxation of the allowance for EBU‑TT and TTML metadata vocabulary.
  • Allowance of the value continuous for the ttp:markerMode attribute.
  • Allowance of begin and end attributes on body and div elements.
  • Make begin and end attributes optional for tt:p.
  • Integration of Errata for issues identified in Version 1.1.
  • Clarification on different topics.

This update keeps backward compatibility with the previous versions 1.0 and 1.1:

A more detailed changelog is available here.


The following translations of this document are available. Please note the translations may not be based on the latest version; see the year mentioned in brackets. These translations are courtesy of the translaters and hosted by the EBU 'as is'. The official and definitive version is the EBU English version.

Russian version of EBU Tech 3350 [2012] - Special thanks to EBU Member RTR.

All versions of this publication

Version  Date Description
1.2 May 2017 Alignment with EBU Tech 3350, 3370 and 3390, relaxations and clarifications
1.1 Sep 2015 Alignment with Tech 3380, new metadata for DPP
1.0 July 2012 Initial version

A detailed changelog is available here.