Automatic Metadata Extraction

Helps Members move towards the adoption of automatic information extraction tools.

Metadata is indispensable for content archives, programme production, distribution and any system designed to electronically search and retrieve the assets you need and want. As we move to service-based production, broadcasters need to consider the widespread adoption of automatic information extraction tools as new processes in agile workflows. These tools can be used to produce more information (including structured metadata) that is needed by modern production systems, at a lower cost.  The EBU AME project is working on the identification of usage scenarios, i.e. how do EBU members use AME. Features to be extracted as part of AME tools capabilities are being registered as a set of AME cards.

EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan

Every two years, the EBU develops a roadmap for technology and innovation activities based on the requirements and inputs given by EBU Members. The result of this roadmap is our bi-annual EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan. Strategic programmes and project groups are set up to focus on specific areas of interest. To access the latest Workplan, click here.

EBU Project Group on Automatic Metadata Extraction

The topic of Automatic Metadata Extraction is part of the EBU's Strategic Programme on Media Information Management.

Main activities:

  • Helps Members move towards the adoption of automatic information extraction tools.
  • Identifies and evaluates tools investigating how they can help with e.g. archive management applications, multi-purpose / multi-channel productions and news production. A set of tools features is being published as AME cards (
  • A link to EBU members' use cases has been provided on the welcome page of the AME project.
  • Collects test material and ground truth material.
  • Develops recommendations such as the MPEG-7 AVDP guidelines.
  • The project group contributes to the AMWA-EBU FIMS project, which has published an AME service intetrface in its version 1.3 (

​Join us

If you are interested in Automatic Metadata Extraction, join our group on this topic and participate in the discussions.  Some restrictions may apply. 

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This document contains the formal definitions for metadata elements that can be used within EBU‑TT documents to describe characteristics of the contained subtitle data, thus facilitating interchange between users of an EBU‑TT document.

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