EBU-TT-D Subtitling Distribution Format

EBU Tech 3380

EBU Tech 3380 specifies an XML based format for the distribution of subtitles over IP-based networks. Version 1.0.1 includes two additional features defined in W3C IMSC v1.0.1 and improves compatibility with other profiles of TTML.

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The version number (v1.0.1) has been chosen to align with the W3C IMSC v1.0.1 Recommendation. EBU-TT-D version 1.0.1 adds the following two extensions from IMSC 1.0.1: #fillLineGap and #activeArea. By clarifying the required processor behaviour in the presence of unrecognised attributes compatibility with other TTML profiles is improved.

More information on the EBU family of subtitling specifications is available here.


The following translations of this document are available. Please note the translations may not be based on the latest version; see the year mentioned in brackets. These translations are courtesy of the translaters and hosted by the EBU 'as is'. The official and definitive version is the EBU English version.

Russian version of EBU Tech 3380 [2014] - Special thanks to EBU Member RTR.

All versions of this publication

Version  Date Description
1.0.1 May 2018 Add two features from W3C IMSC v1.0.1, improve TTML profiles compatibility.
1.0 March 2015 Initial version

A detailed changelog is available here.