Live Subtitling from Home

This Tech Roundtable is open to all and will discuss how broadcasters have been able to move their Live Subtitling production operations from the office to the home while keeping the service running.

The events of 2020 advanced the trend to increase the amount of subtitling being produced at home, alongside other production activities. It has also highlighted the issue of inclusion and accessibility to news, information, and content for all citizens.


Douglas Willis and Ewan Smith (Red Bee) - Continuity in a Crisis: the technical and operational response to Covid-19 (Access Services, Red Bee Media) - Doug and Ewan from Red Bee Media will explore their operation’s response to the seismic events of March 2020, the challenges it posed in the moment, and the lessons it offers for the future. Can an office-based production model switch to homeworking in the space of two weeks, and how might it be transformed in the process?

Erik Buitinga and Said Azergui (NPO) - Covid as Accelerator for Remote Work Solutions - We will focus on the two pillars of Remote (live) subtitling at NPO, Subtitle Production Platform SIEN which handles all subtitle logistics, and the in-house development of a no-delay streaming solution that acts as a source for remote live subtitling.

Jannik Flindt and Peter Bjerre Rosa Tekst (DR) Subtitling from home for live broadcasts at DR - Engineers at DR have developed at special system called SuperLive, that enables subtitlers to have access to the live tv-signal at home without the delay that is normally associated with digital transmission of television. This means that the subtitlers are able to cue preprepared subtitles fully in sync with the speech, and live subtitles can be presented with the same delay as if they had been typed in or spoken at DR. The subtitler is able to see his or her subtitles instantly in a video window in SuperLive. So, there is no loss of quality even if the subtitler is working from home. SuperLive has a very simple user interface that consists of a web page, and the subtitler at home just needs a good and reliable internet connection.

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