Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST)

Enables advanced measurements in IP-based live video production facilities.

LIST is the result of a collaborative development to create a suite of software tools that help to inspect, measure and visualize the state of IP-based networks and the high-bitrate media traffic they carry. These are crucial functions in environments that deliver production capacities based on flexible and scalable IP-based infrastructures.


The Live IP Software Toolkit allows the user to:

  • evaluate the utilization of a given network
  • measure the impact of new equipment connected to the network
  • pinpoint problems in an IP-based live production facility

LIST can decode network streams and can be used to inspect basic and deep level network properties. It already supports the SMPTE 2110-20, -21, -30, -40 and SMPTE 2059 standards. The software is written in such a way that it can easily be extended to support other future standards and specifications.

How to get it

The Live IP Software Toolkit (offline analysis version) is freely available.

  • Source Code: The source code can be downloaded from the EBU Github page for LIST.
  • Docker: If you want to run it on your own infrastructure without compiling the code, click here.
  • Dematerialized: Or you can take a look at our "dematerialized" version by clicking here.

Developing Together  

The tool is an open-source project, CBC has joint the development forces.

Where to learn more about LIST

Watch the explainer video