Production Technology Seminar 2018

The Production Technology Seminar is one of the EBU's flagship events for technology, offering a mix of high quality presentations, in-depth tutorials and cutting-edge technology demos. Expanded to three full days, PTS 2018 was our biggest yet.

There are few, if any, other conferences that offer the same breadth and depth of coverage of recent and future developments in media production technology away from the hype of commercial conferences and trade shows. In recent years, this event has consistently been a sell-out. PTS 2018 featured three days of presentations and tutorials, demos and discussions, with plenty of opportunities for the peer-to-peer conversations that make these events so valuable.

Event participants and EBU Members can access video recordings and PDF versions of all presentations below (login required).

PTS Keynotes

Game changers in focus

  • IP production, cloud and dematerialization
  • The power of data and AI in media creation
  • New workflows and tools

Also on the PTS agenda

  • Innovation strategies and how to ride the waves
  • What is next for VR and AR
  • UHD, HDR and HFR in operation
  • Advanced audio and radio production

Presentations (for PTS participants and EBU Members)


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