Production Technology Seminar 2018

30 Jan - 01 Feb 2018
EBU, Geneva

The Production Technology Seminar is one of the EBU's flagship events for technology, offering a mix of high quality presentations, in-depth tutorials and cutting-edge technology demos.

There are few, if any, other conferences that offer the same breadth and depth of coverage of recent and future developments in media production technology away from the hype of commercial conferences and trade shows. In recent years, this event has consistently been a sellout.

PTS 2018 will feature two and a half days of presentations and tutorials, demos and discussions, with plenty of opportunities for the peer-to-peer conversations that make such events so valuable. Whether you are interested in a specific area – immersive content, IP production, new production workflows, audio technologies – or are seeking a broad overview of the production technology field, this is the event for you.

The programme for PTS 2018 is currently in development. The programme from PTS 2017 will give you an idea of the scope of the conference; and EBU Members can sign in to view videos of the presentations.


PTS 2017 confirms the arrival of UHD with HDR

26 Jan 2017

Wednesday evening's special screening of BBC's Planet Earth II, in UHD and HDR, was for many the highlight of another memorable Production Technology Seminar at the EBU. And it was just one of a number of such productions mentioned during the event this week, demonstrating that UHD with HDR (High Dynamic Range) is here and it works.

ZDF's Michael Pochert, quoting the head of his organization, said that "The future of television is not only guaranteed by technical development and the internet. The core of this medium depends on the power of the images." PTS delegates heard about the early experiences of broadcasters with the first "real productions" creating the powerful images to which he referred. Continue reading...

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