Sustainability Fundamentals

Sustainability is a subject that has an overall understanding but generally not a thorough understanding.

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Many consumers expect brands to be sustainable today. In addition, many countries are moving towards mandatory TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) reporting. Beyond our operational impact, we need to acknowledge that our output has a significant impact on our audiences’ lives and on society. It is no different on sustainability, and we need to better acknowledge the positive and negative impacts that our content is generating in supporting society’s transition to net zero carbon.

Several broadcasters now have very specific 'green' targets in place and some cross-industry initiatives are looking to support broadcasters in approaching the topic. In some organizations, sustainability has permeated from high level corporate strategy goals into daily tasks/working culture of teams.

This toolkit helps to clarify what sustainability is; the definitions, the standards/certifications and carbon calculators.