Meet 2020's T&I Award winners

EBU tech-i 046

The two projects that jointly won this year's EBU Technology & Innovation Award are featured in this issue of tech-i magazine, along with the three runners-up. The award was created in 2016 to recognize, encourage and support outstanding technical solutions developed by EBU Member organizations.

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  • A natural vaccine for misinformation – Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation
  • Recommendation on cybersecurity; Three new faces on the EBU Technical Committee
  • Control Room 42 – RTBF has created a software-based control room
  • Unlocking the potential of AI for data journalism – New data-based tools for journalists at France tv
  • Licence to roam: Yle's mojo-enabled reporters – Mobile journalism has become the norm for regional news operations in Finland
  • Automated subtitles on a 24/7 news channel – NPO has broken new ground with its Autotitling Live solution
  • Putting clearer audio at the fingertips of all viewers  – Next Generation Audio trials at BBC seek to improve accessibility
  • Stuff happens (to EBU Members too) – Cyberattacks, both random and targeted, are becoming an increasing problem
  • Partner Profiles: ETSI – setting standards for tomorrow's broadcasting models
  • An increasingly complex picture for video codecs – David Wood on the proliferation of coding systems
  • Sustainability Matters: shooting drama sustainably in France – the measures taken for a recent France tv series
  • Original content dominates for PSM VOD platforms – the latest research from the EBU Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Sinan Soyturk – Head of Media Technology and Operations, TRT, Turkey