As PSM rely increasingly on AI and large amounts of data to perform their work, it is important to look into the environmental impact of these technologies. What are the carbon and material footprints of AI-based applications? How do you minimize this impact while still being able to provide a quality public service to audiences?

To explore these questions, the EBU AI and Data Initiative and the Sustainability for Public Service Media working group are co-organizing an EBU-Members-only workshop, held on Thursday 10 March, 13:00-15:00 CET, which will feature leading experts on the subject from Imec, Warwick University, University of Zurich, and ETHZ.

This event is an introductory session to a series of workshops held throughout the year, which will dive deeper into specific AI technologies and how to reduce their footprint.

More information on the content and speakers, and a link to sign up can be found on the Green AI Workshop webpage (free EBU account and login required for the registration).

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