If you have not started or are at the beginning of your sustainability journey, it can feel daunting. But sustainability management is no longer in the green shoots phase, and help and knowledge are available. The EBU 'Sustainability for PSM' working group has created a simple guide to get you started: The Sustainability Fundamentals publication can now be downloaded from the tech.ebu.ch website.

Sustainability management is not about idealism. It acknowledges the non-financial impact of actions and demonstrates accountability and leadership. It also has an impact on an organization’s financial and operational viability, helps to future-proof its operations, and attracts talent – all of which helps to deliver value to society.

We need to better acknowledge both the positive and negative impacts that all of our activities are generating in supporting society’s transition to net zero carbon. We are often proud of the contribution that initiatives are making (e.g. becoming plastic free, having bicycle policies, green transport, and green production), and rightfully so. Sustainability management begins with an understanding and acknowledgement of both.

The EBU 'Sustainability for PSM' working group gathers learnings from the efforts of a range of public service media organisations. Join the group to join the conversation.

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