Green energy on sets – roundtable

Green production has gained ground in European broadcasting and a growing number of organizations are making serious efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. One considerable item is the energy consumption needed to power our shows, and its associated carbon emissions.

Procuring green energy or finding cleaner solutions beyond diesel generators is not always easy. This roundtable is designed to help share experiences and recommendations on how broadcasters and producers can lower their energy related footprint.


Dr Graeme Hunt, University of Glasgow: Hunt is a mechanical engineer specialising in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Hunt is very enthusiastic about public engagement and has delivered talks on renewable energy everywhere from pubs to professional/academic workshops. Currently he is working at the University of Glasgow's Energy and Sustainability research group on the GALLANT project. This entails investigating sustainable solutions geared towards reduction of Glasgow's carbon emissions moving forward.

Adriano Grilli is a movie gaffer based in Bremen, Germany. He has a Ph.D. in Film Studies and expands his passion for filmmaking. From 2005 he devoted his work to light design and its manifold facets. In 2009, he moves on to Northern Germany. Over the years, he completed further training to become a "Master of Event Technology" as well as several additional qualifications. Since 2018 he is board member of the Federal Association for Lighting and Grip in Germany (Bundesverbandes für Beleuchtung und Kamerabühne e.V.). In 2020 he founded in Bremen a rental house for film lighting, Prismaland. The love for film lighting was joined by an enthusiasm for didactics: this was followed by teaching assignments, among others, for the Hamburg Media School, the Hochschule für Medien Stuttgart and the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg.

Mathieu Delahousse is co-founder and director of Flying Secoya. Flying Secoya is the first consulting agency specializing in the application of CSR strategies dedicated to the audiovisual, film and advertising industries. Flying Secoya accompanies production companies from the creation of their internal CSR Protocol, its integration into all their projects, to the valorization of their commitments and concrete results. As a film set manager for over 20 years, Mathieu Delahousse has worked on atypical and unusual projects in various countries. To reconcile ethics and professionalism, he decided to take part in the ecological transition of the audiovisual industry. In 2018, he co-founded Secoya-Ecotournage (now Flying Secoya), with the aim of supporting production companies in integrating these new skills and federating the whole of this complex ecosystem around social-climatic issues. Today, Flying Secoya offers a full range of products and services tailored to the CSR transition of the industry's professionals.


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