Production Technology Seminar 2023

The annual Production Technology Seminar focuses on recent and future developments in media production technology. It is a key industry event for those needing to make informed strategic decisions in the technical domain.

PTS 2023 puts the focus on technologies and trends that are redefining the nature and quality of modern media experiences, and the tools and workflows to produce them.

PTS combines a conference programme with tutorials, cutting-edge technology demonstrations and networking. Few, if any, other conferences offer the same depth of coverage of recent and future developments away from the hype of commercial conferences and trade shows.

Attendees can join the event in person, or if not possible, remotely. However, added benefits such as networking and demonstrations are only available on site.

On the agenda

  • Industry outlook
  • Reshaping media companies
  • Synthetic content, synthetic humans
  • Advanced technologies for andvanced workflows
  • Web3-based storytelling
  • The newsroom of the future
  • Volumetric capture and experiences
  • Gamification of broadcast
  • State of virtual production
  • Demonstrations

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