Sustainability in Broadcast Technology

Join this Tech Roundtable to learn and learn about the impact of various technology aspects in media operations on sustainability.


  • Jigna Chandaria (BBC) – 'The environmental impact of distributing and consuming BBC TV services'. Audience viewing habits are changing and video streaming is becoming more and more popular. Jigna will be sharing BBC research on the energy use of its TV services, comparing video streaming with broadcast platforms and how it could change in future under a range of scenarios.
  • Philip Gassmann (Green Film Tools) – 'Green Film & TV Production Essentials: the most important measures and tools', on finding hotspots, using CO2 calculators, areas with the greatest impact, and relevant technology innovations and solutions.
  • Tim Guilder (ITV) – 'Sustainability and Tech @ ITV'. Tim will explore how technology can be part of the solution and help with the plight to be a greener broadcaster.

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