Production Technology Seminar 2021

The annual Production Technology Seminar focuses on recent and future developments in media production technology. It is a key industry event for those needing to make informed strategic decisions in the technical domain. PTS 2021 was held online.

PTS 2021 put the focus on agility: the power of cloud-based solutions and other enabling technoligies that allow media organizations to deliver premium quality content and adapt to new requirements at an unprecedented pace. The event takes a wholistic long-term view and aims to surface gaps and risks as well as approaches to address them.

PTS combines a conference programme with showcases and networking. Few, if any, other conferences offer the same depth of coverage of recent and future developments away from the hype of commercial conferences and trade shows.

On the PTS agenda

  • Cloud production and the big providers' vision for how media will be produced in the near future
  • Live IP for more powerful and flexible connectivity
  • The impact of digital assistants and other consumer facing technology on media creation
  • Next Generation Audio and its potential to integrate experience and service, and transcend the diversity in play-out options
  • Prime use-cases for AI in production
  • Game engines as key enablers in CG
  • Radio production
  • Sustainability in content production
  • Hot new topics on the horizon in R&D and Innovation


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