Using Carbon Calculators for Productions

In this Roundtable, several broadcast organizations presetned on their journey of using carbon calculators to measure the sustainability of productions, with lessons learnt along the way and what their refined methods look like now.

The term 'carbon calculator' can fill some people with dread – and indeed, the concepts involved and the methods to add relevant data to a calculator benefit from some know-how. This Roundtabe was designed to help those interested to overcome initial hurdles and to spread knowledge gathered by some of the trail-blazers in the field.


  • Philip Holdgate (ITV, Head of Production Sustainability) & Roser Canela-Mas (albert, International Manager) - Global Climate Action - ITV's journey with albert
  • Riet De Prins (VRT, Fiction Producer) - Sustainability in TV productions & how it started for VRT
  • Birgit Gabriel (ARTE, CSR Manager) & Cédric Lejeune (Workflowers, Media Workflow Specialist) - Compatibility between carbon calculators, what do we measure?


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