Flocking to the cloud

EBU tech-i 045

Among the many impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, the acceleration of solutions for remote cloud-based production is one of the most striking for media. In issue 45 of tech-i magazine, Antonio Arcidiacono outlines some of the new opportunities (page 3), and there is more...

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..Hans Hoffmann and Ievgen Kostiukevych examine the readiness of the infrastructure (page 6). We also present the example of a Belgian project that demonstrated what can be done (page 7) and explain how the open source MCMA framework can help media get more from the cloud through microservices (page 13).


  • Shaping the cloud for European media needs – Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation
  • An update for the Pyramid; Taking advantage of automation
  • 5G: first deployments and first impressions – is the new technology living up to PSM expectations?
  • Pivoting to the cloud for production – are media organizations ready for the cloud, and is it ready for them?
  • How COVID-19 accelerated cloud-based production – Belgium’s RTBF and VRT were up and running with a solution within days of the lockdown
  • Partnership is central to radio’s in-car future – BBC’s plans for maintaining radio’s prominence in connected cars
  • At the cutting edge of metadata for media – a smorgasbord of new media metadata projects from around the world
  • How does digital transformation happen in the real world? – a new Casebook from the EBU highlights best practice in digital transformation
  • Shifting to OPEX through serverless and microservices – the open source MCMA framework helps broadcasters benefit from microservices adoption
  • Many languages, one interface – EuroVOX helps reduce cost and complexity for transcription and translation
  • Sustainability Matters: All together now – 100 sustainable productions in Germany – reducing the environmental impact of film and television production
  • Stepping up media quality – the challenge of the transition – David Wood discusses barriers to introducing new technology
  • Partner profiles: World Wide Web Consortium – how the W3C is weaving a better web for media
  • How did radio fare during the lockdown? – a look at how audiences consumed audio in the early days of the crisis
  • In the spotlight: Emily Dubs – Head of Technology, DVB Project