Green Production

Green production is no longer a fringe activity. As more sustainable approaches are fast becoming a "business as usual" way to work, the group aims to understand green production, how to implement it and deliver sustainable production transformation. By working together we can form strategies that not only are better for the environment, but are also economic.  


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Among the many impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, the acceleration of solutions for remote cloud-based production is one of the most striking for media. In issue 45 of tech-i magazine, Antonio Arcidiacono outlines some of the new opportunities (page 3), and there is more...

Issue 44 of tech-i was the first to be published after the COVID-19 pandemic had spread throughout the world. While the full impact of the crisis would take some time to be felt, strategy leaders at EBU Members had already started to reflect on how it might effect public service media in the medium term (pages 10–11).