Green Production

Understand green production, how to implement it and deliver sustainable production transformation.

Green production is no longer a fringe activity. As more sustainable approaches are fast becoming a "business as usual" way to work, the group aims to understand green production, how to implement it and deliver sustainable production transformation. By working together we can form strategies that not only are better for the environment, but are also economic.  


  • status_med_12px.png Power Data for Energy in Productions
  • status_low_12px.png Roundtable: Production Carbon Calculations & Reporting
  • status_med_12px.png Case Studies of Sustainable Sets
  • status_done_12px.png Sustainability Summit (Q2 2024)





Meet us at IBC 2023!

The Sustainability Summit is an online event for all things broadcast sustainability. The full day programme provides insights in areas such as production and technology.

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The two projects that jointly won this year's EBU Technology & Innovation Award are featured in this issue of tech-i magazine, along with the three runners-up. The award was created in 2016 to recognize, encourage and support outstanding technical solutions developed by EBU Member organizations.

Buildings and the facilities they house make up a large part of a media organization's ecological footprint. This report provides an overview of what can be done, and what media organizations have done, to reduce their impact.

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Issue 44 of tech-i was the first to be published after the COVID-19 pandemic had spread throughout the world. While the full impact of the crisis would take some time to be felt, strategy leaders at EBU Members had already started to reflect on how it might effect public service media in the medium term (pages 10–11).