FIMS EBU User Group

Helps Members to move to flexible IP-based service-oriented infrastructures.

The Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) is a task force set up between the EBU and the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA). The FIMS project develops specifications for a new service oriented architecture (SOA) for broadcasting production. FIMS is organized around a Business Board providing guidance on future developments and priorities, and a Technical Board in charge of the technical specification work. The FIMS specifications are co-published between EBU and AMWA following their respective and complementary review processes.

The project supports both SOAP and REST implementations but it is foreseen that REST will become a major driver for wider adoption of FIMS. FIMS is also giving the priority ot developers using the open github plaform, whihc link is provided below.

EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan

Every two years, the EBU develops a roadmap for technology and innovation activities based on the requirements and inputs given by EBU Members. The result of this roadmap is our bi-annual EBU Technology & Innovation Workplan. Strategic programmes and project groups are set up to focus on specific areas of interest. To access the latest Workplan, click here.

EBU Project Group on FIMS EBU User Group

The topic of FIMS EBU User Group is part of the EBU's Strategic Programme on Media Information Management.


Main activities:

The EBU believes that the use of flexible IP-based 'Service Oriented Architectures' or similar architectures, as a natural extension of IT-based production, offer the potential for greatly improved interoperability over the current (often proprietary interfaces based) system design practices. Our FIMS EBU User Group helps Members moving to flexible IP-based ‘Service Oriented Infrastructures’ by maintaining and active link with FIMS. The MIM-FIMS EBU User Group contributes to the FIMS Business Board and reviews the specifications proposed for EBU adoption by the FIMS Technical Board.

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If you are interested in FIMS EBU User Group, join our group on this topic and participate in the discussions.  Some restrictions may apply. 


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