When human creativity meets artificial intelligence

EBU tech-i 058

The December 2023 issue of EBU tech-i magazine looks at some of the many ways in which EBU Members are leveraging AI technologies to benefit audiences.

Read about the recent EBU Hackjam on generative AI (p.6), the vera.ai project using AI to tackle disinformation (p.7), and AI-based projects at three EBU Members (p.8–9). It also presents insights from a new EBU report on PSM and AI (p.18).

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  • Can we keep the information flowing? – Antonio Arcidiacono on the need to prioritize resilience and business continuity
  • HDR production; SMPTE fellowship
  • European projects: 5G-EMERGE and TEMS
  • Hacking and jamming with generative AI for the benefit of PSM audiences – Impressions from the recent EBU Hackjam hosted by Radio France
  • Putting AI to work in the fight against disinformation – Introducing vera.ai, a European project aiming to help newsrooms
  • When human creativity meets artificial intelligence: three projects at EBU Members – How staff at Czech Radio, NPO/EO and ORF are exploring the capabilities of AI
  • A year of supporting PSM in creating engaging and trusted content – Looking back at some of the technology-related EBU highlights in 2023
  • France Télévisions pioneering free-to-air UHD in France – The Paris Olympics 2024 provide the backdrop for the launch of new services on DTT
  • RTVE takes DTT to the next level with UHD launch – UHD services on digital terrestrial television will also launch in Spain
  • New test chart to help SDR viewers benefit from HDR production – NRK’s Thomas Berglund explains why and how he created the chart
  • Sustainability Matters: Giving old lenses a new lease of life – A cost-effective and sustainable solution from Sweden’s SVT
  • In my opinion: Why TEMS is worth a closer look – Véronique Demilly, of France Télévisions, explains why this new European project is so important for media companies
  • Partner Profile: Deutsche TV-Plattform – CEO Andre Prahl sets out the German organization’s priorities
  • Public service media work to develop values-driven AI – Insights from the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Kazim Pektaş – Chief Engineer for Studio Planning and Programme Transmission Systems at TRT and EBU Technical Committee member