Testing what's possible with 5G production

EBU tech-i 050

As part of its continuing tests of 5G for media production and distribution, Spain’s RTVE took a portable small-cell network to an open-air theatre for video coverage of a live radio play. Read about what they learned on page 6. 5G also features on page 7, where ARD's Jochen Mezger explains how the technology could make a life-or-death difference during natural disasters in future; and on page 17, Georg Mayer explains how 3GPP is shaping the next phase of the global 5G infrastructure.

This, the 50th issue of tech-i also features a retrospective on the topics covered in the magazine since the first issue appeared in September 2009.

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  • How do we win the war for media and innovation talent? – Antonio Arcidiacono on educating a new generation of technologists and creators
  • Emmy Awards; Production Technology Seminar 2022
  • EBU reports on 5G Broadcast and UHD/HDR file exchange
  • Using 5G network slicing to create new public service opportunities – RTVE tests the use of 5G to bring coverage from isolated areas
  • Better safe than sorry – how 5G Broadcast can save lives – Recent flooding in Germany demonstrated the need for resilient information systems
  • How ARD is bringing broadcast and internet together through DVB-I – Practical steps for bringing broadcast services to the internet
  • STADIEM: calling innovators to enhance Europe’s next-generation media ecosystem – The EBU has a leading role in this Horizon 2020 project
  • The story so far: 50 issues of tech-i – An overview of the ground covered since 2009
  • Taking collaborative action against the media cybersecurity threat – The 2021 MCS event demonstrated the urgent need for action
  • EBU LIST 2.0 – more features, more user-friendly – The Live IP Software Toolkit has been rebuilt from the ground up
  • Setting realistic targets to improve the gender balance of our event programmes – Improving female representation at EBU T&I events
  • Producing more content while reducing carbon emissions in a time of shortage – Finding the right environmental balance when adopting new technologies
  • In my opinion: Keeping humans at the heart of our technological evolution – Chief Technology Officer at RTBF, Cécile Gonfroid
  • Partner Profiles: 3GPP – Building the next phase of the global 5G infrastructure
  • PSM distribution strategies for audio-on-demand content – The latest research from the EBU Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Jan Devos – Enterprise Architect – Video at VRT and chair of the EBU Broadband Distribution Architectures project group