Integrated production on the new ORF Media Campus

EBU tech-i 056

Austria's ORF set out its strategy towards integrating digital with linear, hybrid production and a new multimedia newsroom almost 10 years ago. Over the past 18 months, all interconnected projects were successfully finished. CTO Harald Kräuter tells the story on pages 10–11 of the June 2023 issue of tech-i.

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  • AI strengthening the marriage between technology and creativity – Antonio Arcidiacono on how PSM can usefully leverage AI tools
  • Tech demos at the ITU; 5G-EMERGE project
  • Getting hands-on with virtual production using LED walls – A recent EBU workshop provided Members with valuable experience
  • EBU T&I Award 2023: and the nominees are... – Read about the 23 projects in the running for this year’s award
  • DVB-I shows promise for future television distribution in Germany – Phase 1 of the German DVB-I Pilot reaches completion
  • The Aspera vulnerability – a cautionary tale for the broadcast industry – Vulnerabilities are inevitable, so it pays to be prepared
  • From broadcaster to platform: the ORF Media Campus and the future of media production – Harald Kräuter, CTO of the Austrian broadcaster, on the company’s new facilities
  • Crucial UHF spectrum at risk for EBU Members in November – Protecting spectrum essential for production and distribution
  • Tech trends and takeaways from Texas – Finding inspiration and insights for PSM at SXSW 2023
  • Ground-seeding for innovation in media technology – The EBU Media Technology Futures group brings together R&D&I experts
  • Sustainability Matters: Keeping sustainability in focus for public service media – A report from this year’s EBU Sustainability Summit
  • In my opinion: Seeking strong value propositions for younger audiences – A top priority for SVT’s chief product officer Malin Ströman
  • Partner Profile: Greening of Streaming – Working together towards more sustainable streaming services
  • The challenge of measuring total audience – Insights from the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Yioula Kyriacou – Senior Engineer and Head of Digital Transformation, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

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