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Production Technology Seminar 2012


Participant list 
Speaker biographies and presentation synopses

Click on the presentation titles below to download PDF versions of the slides used. A zipped folder containing the complete collection of files will be available the day after the event finishes. Please return to this page next week to find videos including audio recordings of the presentations.

Introduction - Hans Hoffmann, EBU
Content production in a multi-layer organisation
- Roberto Pomari, RSI
ALBERT: The future of TV production? - Kevin Price, Bafta, UK

Session 1: Use cases
Tri-media production "Uusi päivä" - Samu Reijonen, YLE
Royal Wedding: the world’s most expensive wedding video - Peter Taylor, BBC
Tailor-made automation at NRK: How to solve feeding large amounts of metadata to selective users - Gunnar Dahl and Tormod Varvaagen, NRK
Improving  the QoE of 3D live broadcasting: Roland Garros and other live events - Wei David Chen, Orange Labs and Charles De Cayeux FTV

Session 2a: Codecs
The Eurovision contribution codecs: findings - Adi Kouadio, EBU
New contribution codecs: requirements - Steve Westlake, BBC
SP HIPS Codec testing results - Massimo Visca, RAI
Getting a handle on MXF Interoperability: AMWA Application Specifications - Brad Gilmer, AMWA

Session 2b: Interoperability in IT based production workflows
UK file based exchange project as a use case - Kevin Burrows, Channel 4
EBU-TT, the XML successor of the STL subtitling format - Frans de Jong, EBU

Days Two and Three

Reference Video Displays
Alan Roberts on LED lighting
Matthieu Parmentier on Audio Production
Introduction to PTS 2012 Hans Hoffmann (EBU)
Content Production Keynote Roberto Pomari (RSI)
Sustainable Production Kevin Price (BAFTA)
Tri-Media Production Samu Reijonen (YLE)
Royal Wedding Peter Taylor (BBC)
Metadata G. Dahl and T. Varvaagen (NRK)
3D Live Broadcasting W. Chen (Orange) and C. De Cayeux (FTV)
Codecs - Findings Adi Kouadio (EBU)
Codecs - Requirements S. Westlake and Y. X. Zhang (BBC)
1080P/50 Massimo Visca (RAI)
MXF Interoperability Brad Gilmer (AMWA)
File-based Exchange Kevin Burrows (Channel4)
XML Successor Frans De Jong (EBU)
OLED Friedrich Gierlinger (IRT)
Led Lighting Alan Roberts, UK
Camera Guidelines Andy Quested (BBC)
QC in file-based Andy Quested (BBC)
Filing QC and QC Workflow Reinhard Knör (IRT)
Use Case 1: RAI Roberto Borgotallo (RAI)
Use Case 2: NRK K. O. Nordlien and J. Igeltjorn (NRK)
QC Strategic Group Report Andy Quested (BBC)
Automated QC Reinhard Knör (IRT)
EBU R 128 Florian Camerer (ORF)
Multichannel audio S. Meltzer (Fraunhofer) and C. Bustad (SR)
Mixing 5.1 F. Camerer (ORF)
Broadcasting in 5.1 Matthieu Parmentier (FTV)
Sound production and QC Gabriel Solsona (RTVE)
3D Audio Matthieu Parmentier (FTV)
Future Storage Systems Chris Chambers (BBC)
SOA-based archiving Matthias Elser (IRT)
Metadata and Storage Clouds Alberto Messina (RAI)
Metadata and Audio Katharina Giesen (BR)
NoTube Luca Vignaroli (RAI)
EU SCREEN Vassilis Tzouvaras and Johan Oomen
Core Metadata Y. Yong (Mediacorp)
Super High Vision Masayuki Sugawara (NHK)
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