BroadThinking 2012

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Speaker Biographies

Day 1: Introduction - Peter MacAvock, EBU
Session 1: Current state of internet broadband network

Is broadband delivery an alternative for terrestrial broadcast? - Jorma Laiho, YLE
Penetration to the home of broadband networks in Europe  - Detlef Eckert, EC
Are mobile networks ready for video distribution? - Eric Rosier, Ericsson
Using internet network measurement tools to improve transparency of speed and delivery - George Wright, BBC
Internet Video Quality:  State of Art - Prashanth Pappu, Conviva
Session 2: video distribution techniques over the broadband network
The Italian experience in both broadband delivery and hybrid scenarios - Davide Milanesio, RAI
MPEG DASH:  a universal enabler format for ubiquitous distribution & multidevice play-out - Thomas Stockhammer, Qualcomm
Advantages of CDN services in different network topologies - Stef van der Ziel, Jet-Stream BV
How open CDN interfaces will help broadcasters' future IP-distribution - Yannick Le Louédec, Orange Labs
The advantages of the next era of P2P video distribution - Jari Ahola, VTT

Day 2: Introduction - Bram Tullemans, EBU
Session 3: First screen, second screen, multi-screen

Experiences in Spain with hybrid and second screen services - Francisco Asensi, RTVE
How to roll out and implement a successful second screen application - Hendrik Dacquin, Small Town Heroes
Connected TV outlook:  a manufacturer's perspective on portals, standards and ecosystems - Paul Szucs, Sony
How to implement MPEG DASH - guide to meda formats and HTML5 predictions - Kilroy Hughes, Microsoft
The Changing Shape of TV Measurement - Enrico Verhulst, comScore
Session 4: Future of the broadband internet network
Managing end-to-end in the future - a Dutch story where net neutrality is the law - Egon Verharen, NPO
Net neutrality:  a regulator's vision - Maxime Forest, Arcep
Is there a future for broadcast specific networks or will there be only broadband internet? - Christopher Ryder, Net Insight
What kinds of cloud service are interesting for broadcasters? - Alex Mestre, Abertis Telecom


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