T&I Award 2022: Taking 5G in media to new heights

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The EBU Technology & Innovation Award 2022 was won by Spain’s RTVE for its “5G and beyond” project. Director of Technological Strategy, Pere Vila, explains how the project evolved on pages 10–11. You can also read about the two runner-up projects, at CBC/Radio-Canada and Sweden's SVT, and there's an article from Petri Karlsson, winner of the Young Technology Talent Award.

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  • Public service media as a growth engine – Antonio Arcidiacono argues that PSM needs greater focus on innovation
  • News and events: EBU Technical Review; new Technical Committee; DVB-I at IBC; cloud sustainability; MCS Seminar
  • Bringing the Technical Committee closer to Member priorities – The newly elected Chair of the EBU Technical Committee outlines his main priorities
  • Opening a window on audiovisual archives in the Western Balkans – An EBU-built platform will facilitate increased cooperation between PSM organizations
  • Shining more light on HDR production – EBU Members and industry representatives met at SWR to share their latest experiences
  • How RTVE took pioneering steps with 5G for media – Pere Vila describes the project that won the EBU Technology & Innovation Award 2022
  • A hub of cutting-edge technology in broadcast media – François Legrand on the unique IP infrastructure at the Canadian public broadcaster’s new French-language HQ
  • Transforming media workflows to increase flexibility and reduce costs – How Sweden’s SVT is stepping towards software-based production and distribution
  • Using virtual sets to simplify production design – An article from the winner of this year’s EBU Young Technology Talent Award
  • Sustainability Matters: Deploying green generators at scale – Clean, modular alternatives to traditional diesel-powered generators
  • In my opinion: The split position and what it means for tech transformation – CIO at Swedish Radio, Annsofi Eriksson
  • Partner Profiles: Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies – Wolfgang Bilz explains how the APWPT is fighting for the frequency resources needed by PMSE
  • Is there a slowdown in online media consumption? – The latest research from the EBU Media Intelligence Service
  • In the spotlight: Ziah Elmakahleh – Chief Engineer, Jordan Radio and Television Corporation