Welcome to the Hybrid Age!

The Hybrid age is upon us. This EBU event was designed to discuss the latest market trends and to capture the requirements from EBU Members for an EBU HBB initiative. Central to the session was an exchange of views on the opportunities and challenges afforded by the technology and how these can be turned into successful innovate services across the EBU. This event was organised by the EBU Technology & Development Department and chaired by Andreas Weiss (ARD, Germany). For further information, you may contact Peter MacAvock (EBU) or Lina Vanberghem (EBU) .

Wednesday, 1st December 2010

Session 1: HBB around Europe
HBB services and systems around Europe are diverse. Participants got a picture of what is happening in this strategically important area around Europe. The session also explored the opportunities for a common approach.

-   Keynote - HBB vision   Andreas Weiss (ARD)
-   France   Bernard Fontaine (FT)
-   Germany   Klaus Merkel (IRT)
-   Italy   Gino Alberico (RAI)
-   Spain   Francisco Asensi (RTVE)

Session 2: What’s to resolve in the Hybrid space
What are the challenges and opportunities of hybrid broadcasting? The session looked at why there is so much hype in ‘HBB’ - and some of the real implications of this technology.

-   Keynote: YouView HBB service and infrastructures for HBB   Anthony Rose (YouView)
-   Hybrid Radio - Challenges and Opportunities   Mathias Coinchon (EBU)
-   Technical Challenges of mixing broadcast and broadband   Peter MacAvock (EBU)
-    Legal: overview on legal issues   Michael Wagner, Heijo Ruijsenaars (EBU)
-   Marketing: How to stage a successful market launch   Christian Zimmer (Isobar Germany)
-   Round-up of Day 1  

  Thursday, 2nd December 2010

The speakers from the first day summarised the discussions and analysed the “ingredients for successful HBB”. EBU General Assembly participants then debated the plans, visions and possibilities.

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