Radio, but not as we know it

EBU tech-i 033

The September 2017 issue of EBU tech-i magazine includes Swedish Radio's award-winning NXG Radio House project, NRK's use of drones in live production and SWR's Markus Ostertag's view on IP production.

Open file (pdf, 2 MB)

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  • Helping users with IMF
  • Report on Object-Based Audio Seminar
  • AI in focus at Metadata Developer Network Workshop
  • New DG for the EBU
  • EBU Technology & Innovation priorities
  • Opinion: Markus Ostertag on IP in production
  • SVT's hybrid CDN
  • NRK's use of drones in live production
  • The return of Augmented Reality
  • The EBU-led MediaRoad project
  • Introducing 5G-Xcast
  • Strategic Programme for Radio
  • David Wood on evaluating image and sound quality
  • DVB's current work plan
  • ABU's Technology Director reports on BroadcastAsia
  • Swedish Radio's NXG Radio House project
  • In the Spotlight: Judy Parnall