The December 2023 issue of tech-i magazine looks at some of the many ways in which EBU Members are leveraging AI technologies to benefit audiences, including reports on projects at ORF (Austria), EO/NPO (Netherlands) and Czech Radio (p.8–9). Also featured are the recent EBU Hackjam on generative AI (p.6), the project using AI to tackle disinformation (p.7) and some insights from a new EBU report on PSM and AI (p.18).

In his editorial (p.3) , EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidicono argues that media distribution infrastructure should be seen as having the same importance as infrastructure for electricity and water:

"(T)he services provided by EBU Members – and especially their news and information services – must be considered as critical for society in times of crisis. And this means prioritizing resilience and business continuity and developing appropriate strategies."

He presents a vision for infrastructure that is Multilayer, Anywhere, Resilient and Sustainble – the 'MARS' approach.

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