Production Technology Seminar 2013

The Production Technology Seminar has developed into one of the key annual EBU events for the broadcast technology community. It attracts more than 100 delegates each year for two and a half days of keynotes, use cases, technology updates, tutorials and demos.

The PTS 2013 programme focuses on the full range of production topics, from cameras, displays and lighting, to QC, integrated workflows, codecs, audio production, and networks and storage.

Two inspiring keynotes from the commercial and public service worlds opened the annual EBU Production Technology Seminar today in Geneva, with both predicting big changes ahead. Disney's Vice-President of Production Technology, Howard Lukk, gave his 140-strong audience an insight into some exciting technologies that are revolutionizing the way movies are made.

In addition to visualization tools that help directors to pitch and develop their ideas in virtual spaces, there are also what he called "the competitive H’s", namely High Frame Rate, High Dynamic Range and High Resolution. He believes that, of the three, High Dynamic Range will have the biggest impact for audiences, by allowing much greater detail to be visible in, for example, night scenes that have previously been difficult to light and shoot. Read more

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