EBU Session at UN Internet Governance Forum

For EBU Members providing services which are accessible to those with disabilities is a high priority. The United Nations Internet Governance Forum took place in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Exhibition & Convention Centre LITEXPO mid-September 2010. During this three day meeting, the EBU organized a Session examining the use of 'Apps' to help those with disabilities. This was moderated by BBC news reporter Jonathan Charles. The IGF attracted several thousand participants, who were welcome to participate in the EBU Session.

“Can ‘Apps’ create a new golden age of Accessibility?”

The workshop was proposed by the WBU/EBU with the support of the DCAD and UNESCO. What do people with disabilities need to benefit from 'applications' on 'Internet Enabled Devices'? They will be a critical part of mobile Internet. ‘Apps’ hold tremendous promise to help people with disabilities to connect and participate. Today applications such as voice control and others are available giving a new meaning to accessibility. Is this the beginning of a new age of accessibility?

The future may belong to 'Internet enabled devices', which will include smart phones and net-books. We move to a new world where a plethora of executable applications, downloaded from the Internet, helps us, amuses it, and monitors us. The session examined Apps and what people with disabilities want and need from IADs. The workshop began with an examination of the possibilities today for Accessibility Apps. It then turned to an analysis of the role key bodies could play in helping to make the golden age a reality. Finally, the workshop drew conclusions and recommendations for the future to be presented in the Plenary Session.

Will this be a ‘need’ transformed into an ‘affordable reality’ for the world?

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