Broadcast Technology Futures Group

Collaborates with Members to share knowledge and experience to develop future broadcast technologies. ****WEBSITE UNDER REVISION****

The Broadcast Technology Futures (BTF) group is an alliance of non-industrial Research and Development laboratories that include broadcast futures in their activities and studies.

BTF also initiated, and currently manages, the EBU ML Data Pool group.

Sharing knowledge and experiences

The intention of the BTF is to share knowledge and experiences in developing the future of broadcast technologies; and, where appropriate, to undertake collaborative studies.

Current members

  • Japan Broadcasting Corporation Science and Technology Research Laboratory (NHK STRL)
  • The Media and Innovation Centre of RAI, the national broadcaster of Italy (RAI CRIT)
  • The institute for broadcasting research of the national broadcasters of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (IRT)
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, UK (BBC Research and Innovation)
  • Communications Research Centre, Canada (CRC)